Gatorade vs Rehydrate

I had a really tough workout the other day and asked my coach what to take to recover. Maybe I was being naive but I thought my only two choices were water or Gatorade. She said, “NO GATORADE! It’s full of sugar.” The next day she gave me an Advocare Rehydrate to try. Great, I love free samples.

After the “SUGAR” warning, the first thing I did when I got home was check out the ingredients list on the back of the Rehydrate packet. In my Whole30/Paleo lifestyle efforts, I’ve been trained to look at the ingredients list instead of the nutrition facts. And what did I find? The first two ingredients of Rehydrate are Pure Crystalline Fructose and Dextrose – two forms of SUGAR! WTF Coach?? I then glanced at the nutrition facts to see Rehydrate contains 6g of sugar. Again, WTF Coach??

Rehydrate Nutrition Facts

As luck would have it though, I had a Gatorade in the fridge also. And in my very unscientific way, I did a side by side comparison. And what did I find? You ask on the edge of your seat no doubt. The first three ingredients of Gatorade are Water, Sugar, Dextrose. Touche Coach, touche. What about the nutrition facts? Gatorade contains 34g of sugar. 34. That’s over 5 times the amount of sugar in Rehydrate.

Ok. Coach wins. Gatorade is full of sugar.

Gatorade Nutrition Facts

And you know what? I love the way it tastes. Lemon-lime Gatorade is my jam. But I’m not in a position in my life and weight goals to throw caution to the wind and drink it. So for now, adios Gatorade. I’ll be drinking Key Lime Cherry Rehydrate when I need a recovery boost after a hard workout.

Gatorade and Rehydrate Nutrition Facts


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