Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Labor Day Weekend

Oh Labor Day Weekend… You were so much fun but boy did you mess me up.

Between friends in town and family bar-b-ques I went off the rails. The low point was Chinese take-out on Friday night, including my favorite, crab rangoon. Oh boy, it was so good and oh boy, did it mess up my stomach. I’m still in recovery mode.

In an effort to avoid doing this again, I thought it might be fun to create a clean-eating menu for long weekends full of parties. Food options you AND your friends will enjoy.

  1. Watermelon Feta Salad – I have made this so many times this summer because it is just that good. It is cool and refreshing. At two separate summer bar-b-ques I have had people tell me that they never would have made this because it sounds weird but they loved it. It’s true! Weird love.
  2. Veggies and hummus.
  3. Home-made sweet potato chips. I haven’t made these yet but there are lots of recipes on Pinterest.
  4. Grilled veggies.
  5. Bacon wrapped Sriracha onion rings – We made this almost a year ago after finding this recipe. It was sooo good but a little involved and hasn’t made it out again. This weekend would have been the PERFECT time to have something like this on the menu! Next time, next time.
  6. Smoked ribs and Paleo Coleslaw. That practically screams summer!
  7. Baked Chicken Tenders from Day 11 with a side of dressing made with home-made Whole30 mayo.
  8. Sliced cucumbers and tomatoes drizzled with vinegar and oil, topped with salt and pepper.
  9. Guacamole with carrot chips and celery sticks.
  10. Baked or grilled wings mixed with hot sauce and butter.

There you have it! Ten ideas on tasty, crowd-pleasing foods perfect for a holiday weekend! Right now, these all sound better than crab rangoon. And my stomach wouldn’t hate me after eating these.


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