Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Day 8

Ok folks! I am down another 1/2 pound! Keep it coming baby!

Today is grocery store day and that means two things. 1) I’m out of spinach for my breakfast and 2) meal planning! I’m excited about this week’s menu! And not because there are any gourmet masterpieces scheduled. That’s probably something you won’t find here unless it is a link to someone else’s website. No, I am excited because I found some quick, easy, clean ideas for dinners this week! And some of them are out of the ordinary compared to how we usually eat around here.

We typically eat fairly Paleo. I have a great index of Whole30 recipes that I love so they appear regularly on our table. But, clean eating is a bit more relaxed than Paleo or Whole30 and that is a nice change of pace. It’s been months, MONTHS, since we’ve had brown rice in our pantry. Really rice of any color. So having this variety in eating and still being clean is fun!

Today, however, was pretty darn normal.

Fruit Punch Spark.

Three eggs for breakfast. Three lonely eggs with no spinach.

Banana for a mid-morning snack.

Lunch was the veggie salad with chicken and an avocado.

Afternoon snack was a small bag of almonds.

Dinner was so simple but always good. Roasted sweet potatoes, onions and squash with baked chicken thighs.

IMG_7023 copy

The best part about dinner was that one of the sweet potatoes had a white stripe through it. It looked so pretty!

IMG_7022 copy

Plus, it was a hit with Lil Man.

IMG_7024 copy


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