Clomid Round 3 and What We’ve Learned

I’m trying to decide how to feel right now. We have officially been trying for our second baby for one year and this was our third round of Clomid. Guess what? We are not pregnant. My objective in writing about this has been to share information and experience but right now I am having a hard time coming up with anything constructive. In an effort to not just have a pity party, here are a few things we’ve learned through this experience.

1. This sucks. I know, super negative. But, I put this out there because people have said to me that they don’t know what to say about the situation. So, I just want everyone to know that it sucks and that’s how you should treat it. Like a sucky suckfest. Just bring wine.

2. Clomid gets easier the longer I take it. I really hope this is true for others because I have read about a lot of unpleasant side effects. The first month was terrible, but each month after it gets less intense, less noticeable. I’ve stayed on the same dosage thus far, and that could be the reason, but I need to share something positive!

3. I have learned a TON about fertility. I mean, I’ve already had a miscarriage and a baby, I thought I knew it all!  I was wrong. There is still so much to learn. Two apps have been my primary sources of information, Fertility Friend and Kindara. Fertility Friend does a great “course” through a series of emails once you create an account. Kindara has a Knowledge Base and an outstanding message board community. Seriously, these are some of the nicest people I have ever interacted with online.

Fertility Friend AppKindara App









Until next time my friends, good luck!