Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Day 3

Good morning!! I slept great! Love it when that happens. And then I remember the fiber…

Why? WHY?

The good news is that I’m getting better at chugging it down. I opted for the citrus flavor because my crossfit coach/Advocare adviser said it’s the most effective option. She did warn me that it sucks and recommended getting the unflavored so I could put it in Spark. Did I listen? No. I heard “BEST” and went for it.


You’re welcome for the early morning, no make-up picture. Cue Amy Schumer.

In addition to the fiber reality, I am still 1 pound down. At least it isn’t going the other way!

Fruit Punch Spark is delicious.

Breakfast was the same, three eggs over spinach with salt and pepper.

No mid-morning snack needed.

Lunch was leftovers from last night’s dinner, without brown rice.

Pink Lemonade Spark is not my favorite. It tastes a little chemically to me. I’m trying to get B to like it so I can order a new flavor but, alas, he likes Fruit Punch.

Afternoon snack was a small bag of almonds.

Dinner Day 3

Dinner was pretty easy and very tasty. Lean ground beef hamburger patty with cheddar cheese, roasted red potatoes, steamed green beans, 1/4 of an avocado and a few tomato slices. The tomato is from our garden. One of these days we will blog about that too.

Overall, I had a great day! I felt good and was productive. This “challenge” is a breeze.


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