Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Day 6

Little hung over today… But it was totally worth it!

Dinner was amazing! I had a Caesar salad, an absolutely amazing bone-in ribeye marinated in horseradish served over roasted red potatoes and a side of green beans sauteed in marinara sauce. That would probably have been ok to eat on the challenge except I also had a few glasses of white wine, desert and a desert drink. But again, it was such a special occasion and I had so much fun.

Now, back to reality.

For obvious reasons, I decided not to weigh myself this morning. Let’s just get back on track and go from there. My in-laws are in town for the weekend, which is great. We have so much fun together. But sticking with the challenge is a little difficult. All of a sudden the house is filled with Doritos, doughnuts and rice crispy treats.

Fruit punch Spark to start the day. And lots of water to get this hangover outta here.

For breakfast they went to McDonald’s and I had my usual three eggs over spinach.

Mid-morning snack was a small bag of almonds.


Lunch was cucumbers and tomatoes from our garden, a Caesar salad with no croutons, and a brat with no bun and a grilled onion. It was great! I had no problem avoiding the pita chips and Doritos on the table.

Afternoon snack was a handful of peanuts.

Dinner was also great. But I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture! B smoked ribs and we had corn on the cob and steamed green beans. The ribs were so good, I didn’t even need BBQ sauce. I intentionally wanted to avoid the sauce because of all the sugar and processed nature of it. I was worried it would feel like a restriction. But honestly, the ribs were so good it wasn’t hard at all! Thanks B!


Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Day 5

WTF? I gained my one measly pound back. Was it the brown rice I had with dinner last night? Or the fact that I had a second serving of broccoli and chicken – sans rice – because it was so damn good? I’m so annoyed and a little defeated. Honestly, on the Whole30 I was down a few pounds in the first week.

Ok H, shake it off. Let’s be positive.

I had another great night of sleep. That is awesome for so many reasons. One reason is that J and I have a little cold. I am 100% sure that this is because he’s learned to give kisses. Which I completely love. But sometimes he comes at you with his mouth open or his tongue out. Kiss at your own risk.

Another reason for the great sleep is the “no alcohol” rule on the challenge. This is such a sad reality. I sleep SO much better when I don’t drink. And I love to have a little wine or beer in the evening before dinner. I grew up with cocktail hour every evening when we would all get together, sit around and talk about the happenings of the day before dinner. My parents would have a drink, usually a Manhattan, and we would have a soda or milk. I love those memories and I love setting aside time with my family now to sit and enjoy each other. Plus, having a drink makes me more opinionated so the conversations are more fun. 🙂

Speaking of drinking… tonight we are having a surprise dinner for my dad. It is his 70th birthday. Everyone has babysitters and just the adults are going to dinner. This hasn’t happened in YEARS! Needless to say, I will be cheating tonight. With that in mind, I am going to be super strict all day today!


Fruit punch spark to start the day.

Same breakfast as always.

One bite of a banana I shared with J.

Lunch was the veggie salad, two boneless skinless chicken thighs and an avocado. The avocado was the perfect ripeness. Sooooo good!

I had a revelation with the Pink Lemonade Spark! I was using 10oz of water with the Fruit Punch because I think it is a bit sweet. So I did the same with the Pink Lemonade. However, I decided to try 8oz of water today and it was GREAT! Tasted just like pink lemonade! I’m so relieved I can use what I have on hand for the rest of the challenge.

We don’t need to talk about dinner. 🙂 Or drinks. I’ll just say that it was amazing.

Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Day 4

Where is the food? Did you say you have food? I need food.

After my normal breakfast – that I’ve been eating for MONTHS with total satisfaction – I am still hungry. I’m staring at the clock wishing it were snack time. I survived, stuck to the schedule and had a banana. Yeah me! But I’m so ready for lunch.

Here’s the other thing. I have always felt like a good water drinker. Especially after I got pregnant, I felt much more in-tune with my body’s need for water. This challenge makes you drink a lot of water and I realized that I wasn’t drinking as much as I should. In fact, I feel like the more I drink, the more thirsty I am.

The good news is that two, TWO, people told me that I look like I’ve lost weight today. Yeah 1 pound, you are making a difference!!!

Here’s the run down of the day:

Fruit Punch Spark – I love you.

Breakfast is the same.

Snack number one is a banana.

Lunch is the raw veggie salad with chicken thighs.

I did it. I drank two Fruit Punch Sparks in one day. Sorry Pink Lemonade, I just don’t really like you.

Snack number two is a small bag of almonds.


Dinner was sooooooo good! SO GOOD!


I found this recipe for Healthy Sesame Chicken at This was delish! We will definitely have this again.

Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Day 3

Good morning!! I slept great! Love it when that happens. And then I remember the fiber…

Why? WHY?

The good news is that I’m getting better at chugging it down. I opted for the citrus flavor because my crossfit coach/Advocare adviser said it’s the most effective option. She did warn me that it sucks and recommended getting the unflavored so I could put it in Spark. Did I listen? No. I heard “BEST” and went for it.


You’re welcome for the early morning, no make-up picture. Cue Amy Schumer.

In addition to the fiber reality, I am still 1 pound down. At least it isn’t going the other way!

Fruit Punch Spark is delicious.

Breakfast was the same, three eggs over spinach with salt and pepper.

No mid-morning snack needed.

Lunch was leftovers from last night’s dinner, without brown rice.

Pink Lemonade Spark is not my favorite. It tastes a little chemically to me. I’m trying to get B to like it so I can order a new flavor but, alas, he likes Fruit Punch.

Afternoon snack was a small bag of almonds.

Dinner Day 3

Dinner was pretty easy and very tasty. Lean ground beef hamburger patty with cheddar cheese, roasted red potatoes, steamed green beans, 1/4 of an avocado and a few tomato slices. The tomato is from our garden. One of these days we will blog about that too.

Overall, I had a great day! I felt good and was productive. This “challenge” is a breeze.

Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Day 2

Hello Day 2! Happy to see you one pound lighter!

I like to weigh myself every morning. It helps me stay focused on my goals and it helps me stay motivated when I see the scale going down. The “out of sight, out of mind” mentality with the scale has been one of the reason I gain weight. I have often though, “oh, it’s just one weekend of bad eating. It can’t do that much damage.” But one weekend turns into a month. If I stay diligent and hop on the scale once a day, my goals stay top of mind.

Overall, I feel pretty good. I didn’t sleep very well because my son didn’t sleep very well. I think his canine teeth are coming in. But once we get these, we are done teething for a while!!  Woohoo!!!

Today I had Spark with no coffee. Major improvement! 🙂

Breakfast is the same.

Skipped snack number 1.

Lunch is the same. Sorry folks, I just can come up with new menu ideas every day for breakfast and lunch!

Snack number 2 is half and apple and a small bag of almonds. I did decide to skip the second Spark of the day too. I want to make sure I get a good night’s sleep after last night!

Dinner Day 2

Dinner is this amazing Vietnamese Inspired Chicken and Cabbage salad from The Urban Poser. Check out their site because their pictures are way better than mine. We eat this salad almost every week. It is so tasty and full of veggies. Since the Challenge has slightly different eating guidelines than Paleo, I did serve this over brown rice.

I skipped Snack #3 too. Just didn’t feel like I needed anything.

On to Day 3!

Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Day 1

I’m starting my Advocare 24-Day Challenge today! I’m kind of excited about it. 🙂 It was hard to sleep last night, it almost felt like the first day of school!

I’ve been doing crossfit since January 2015. While I love the workouts and have seen changes to my shape and definition, I haven’t lost any weight since the first month. During that first month I was also doing a Whole30. Needless to say, my lack of progress is due to my eating habits. Unfortunately, my eating habits aren’t terrible. I eat fairly paleo. Usually two meals a day are paleo/primal but sometimes I go off the ranch. Wine, Frito’s, ice cream, these are some of the foods that derail my goals.

In an effort to get back on track I decided to do this challenge. Plus, I have a trip coming up in October and I want my jeans to be comfortable AND cute.

So, here’s the rundown of Day 1:

Started the day with my first Spark. The flavor is Fruit Punch and it is pretty good. It is a little sweet so I use 10oz of water instead of the directed 8oz. I definitely feel mentally sharp. But, I love my morning cup of coffee and decided after 30 minutes to have a cup. Big mistake! I felt like my head was going to bounce off my body! My workout was pretty good though. 🙂


Breakfast is typical of what I eat all the time, three eggs over spinach with salt and pepper. Love it!

Snack number 1 is half a grapefruit.


Lunch is this salad. There is a restaurant in town, Almond’s, that makes this great salad with broccoli, cauliflower, green peppers, tomatoes, shredded cheese with a great vinaigrette over a bed of greens. This is my lazy version of it, without the green pepper and a simple dressing of olive oil and white wine vinegar. Two bone in, skin on chicken thighs to add the protein. I also douse it with Frank’s Hot Sauce. Oh man, it is so good. And raw. And an easy way for me to eat two cups of veggies!

Snack number 2 is a small bag of almonds

Dinner is totally off the ranch. I know, it is the FIRST DAY but I had a family get together. Dinner was pretty good, pulled pork, cole slaw, watermelon salad that I made. It was the wine and snacks and desert that were bad. But oh well. This is life.

Snack number 3 was skipped. 🙂

Mourning to Celebrate

After our third round of Clomid my blood work came back negative for ovulation. This was kind of a shock because my basal body temperature chart showed a temperature shift. What I learned was that the temperature shift was very short, indicating that if anything did occur, it would not result in a sustained pregnancy.

BBT Chart
Basal Body Temperature Chart

We had already talked about our next course of action should we face this reality. We will begin the process to adopt an older child. Honestly, it feels so good to put the uncertainty of each month behind us. It is an emotional roller coaster filled with day dreams, impatience, disappointment, hope and resolve, just to name a few.

In typical H fashion, I began in-depth research on adoption. I kept coming up across the topic of mourning infertility in an effort to move on to the next phase. Ok, I got it, I was sad about our situation but I was also excited to move on to the next steps to grow our family. No point in dwelling on it. I am already day dreaming about bedtime stories with two kiddos cuddled up in my lap. Can’t wait! So excited!!

That weekend, we decided to take little man to Grant’s Farm to feed goats and take a tram ride. We decided to take B’s diaper backpack instead of my giant purse. We hadn’t used the backpack in months. I went to update the necessities and pulled out a 9-month onesie and the tears just started to flow.


I hadn’t really thought about all the baby stuff I loved so much because it brought back memories of little man at that age. I hadn’t really thought about how great that phase is from 6 months to 1 year and how we wouldn’t see it again in our family. I hadn’t really thought about how I would have to go through all of our baby gear and decide what to do with it. I hadn’t taken the time to think about these things, to process them, bring them to the surface, cry, mourn and then move on. I had just wanted to move on.

The rest of the weekend I took the time to mourn. Consciously, intentionally mourn. And the idea of celebrating an adoption got that much sweeter.